Lee Weeks


SUPERMAN '78 #3 virgin variant - raw unsigned book.
Lee created this variant cover as a love letter of sorts to the classic Donner / Christopher Reeve SUPERMAN from the beloved films of the late ’70’s.

Our exclusive version of the cover is unique in that it’s all art, with no title or text — making it a “virgin variant”. (And there’s that other shoe, of course— found only in this Virgin Variant).

-Offered through Lee’s shop exclusively, and limited to 2000 copies across all signed, unsigned, and remarked books. A small number of the total stock may be set aside for store and con appearances in the future.

PLEASE allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. The book hits the stands November 2, after which a day will be scheduled signing.

Currently, we are shipping within the U.S. only, but we are working on that for our international customers. Announcement soon.